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David Foster Three-Dimensional Nail Art

Explore an exhibition of David Foster’s impactive, three-dimensional artworks made from thousands of nails here at CLK Art.

Elephant Gentle Giant – David Foster Original Art in Nails
David Foster Art Close-Up of Daenerys Targaryen

The Process: Dots to Nails

David Foster aligns and individually hammers thousands of tiny nails to create an intricate yet impactive, tactile and entirely unique artwork.

Foster explains: “My journey into art has come from a career in Architecture. My love of technical drawing has matured from using just an ink pen and stippling to create light and shadow with dots of ink to now more excitingly using a hammer and nails. I have always been fascinated with how little information the brain needs to interpret a picture and love the simplicity of a picture made up of just dots.”

Each tactile artwork is made up of thousands of tiny nails, allowing the viewer to interact in interpreting the image at various angles and distances.

Today, each of Foster’s finished ‘nail’ artworks still begin as an original dotted study in ink whereby some lucky collectors manage to acquire the matching set.

Warrington to Worldwide Recognition

The St Helen’s based artist has rapidly become internationally recognised since winning the Warrington Contemporary Art Competition in 2012, followed by his first solo exhibition in 2013.

Having completed both personal and corporate commissions worldwide, a few notable names include: Nissan USA, Sky Sports, Steven Gerrard, Carragher’s Bar New York and Hotel TIA Liverpool, amongst many more.


Browse art by David Foster here.


Meet the Artist David Foster

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