Alex Jawdokimov

Alex Jawdokimov

Each of Alex Jawdokimov’s works have an enchanting and mystical dimension, breathing a sense of hope and possibility into the viewer’s mind.


Oils, acrylics and the delicate embellishment of gold and/or silver leaf are combined in most of Jawdokimov’s paintings. With this application, the artist focuses on the play of light amongst a vibrant backdrop to capture the luminescent quality of trees in the sunlight. A bright, light and optimistic, yet mysterious, woodland invites the imagination to complete this story.


The artist’s personal story began when he was born in Russia on a kolhoz, or collective farm, before spending his childhood years in concentration camps across Europe. Having survived the holocaust, Alex Jawdokimov and his mother- who had entertained British troops in refugee camps during the war- moved to England in 1947, when she found work as a housekeeper in a stately home in Somerset.

Jawdokimov- who by this point was already fluent in four languages- learnt to speak English within two weeks, and went on to train at Somerset College of Art. His creative flair was not limited to the visual arts; as well as working successfully as an illustrator and designer, he also forged a career as a dancer, musician and actor. During the course of his film career he starred alongside Michael Caine and Sean Connery and was directed by John Sturges and Ken Russell, amongst many others.

Despite his many successes, painting is the artist’s first and most enduring love. Declaring that painting has never stopped, Alex Jawdokimov’s exceptional draughtsman-ship is evident in each and every piece, from his earlier cityscapes to the more recent birch tree collection, for which he has become best known.

The artist’s zest for life continues as he exhibits his stunning works internationally to this day.


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