Chris DeRubeis

Chris DeRubeis has become famous in recent years to many art collectors, galleries, critics and agents. Each work is a unique original as DeRubeis uses structures and waves of light to build weightless, diaphanous forms. Colours flow seamlessly from one hue to the next, while the transparency of his layers of paint creates the illusion of incredible depth.

Chris DeRubeis

Chris DeRubeis

Born in 1978 with an early proclivity for drawing, Chris DeRubeis has become famous in recent years to many art collectors, galleries, critics and agents.

Whilst growing up, Chris DeRubeis drew on many materials he could find at home to express his talents. With his talent nurtured to the fullest by his family, at age 11 his Grandfather gave Chris his first airbrush. In watching Chris use his airbrush for the very first time, his Grandfather proclaimed that Chris was to become the artist his Grandfather always wanted him to be and inevitably would share his talents on the world’s grand stage.

School was viewed as a chore for DeRubeis; he drew figures on maths tests instead of solving equations and doodled landscapes in the blank spaces for essays. Despite teachers scolding the artist for not concentrating on his studies, Chris was not deterred from his magnetism to art and took extra art classes on his lunch break. At the age of 20, Chris attended the Pasadena Art Centre as well as the associates in art college in Sherman Oaks, CA. To pay for schooling, Chris DeRubeis painted custom Harleys and started a successful Party T-shirt business. With his professors trying to convince him to choose a “more commercial” style of art, the seemingly rebellious artist was never satisfied painting “like everyone else”.

Racing to the local metal shop for scraps of metal, DeRubeis began experimenting with different tools to manipulate the way light reacts with the surface. He introduced chemicals and paints to the surface to create unique reactions and bring the art to life; Abstract Sensualism was born.

The introduction of his unique style to the art world was met with uncertainty as galleries had never seen art like it, though it was not long before the innovative style and technique were noticed and galleries across the country began enquiring about his work. Shortly after, in 2005 DeRubeis’ work was submitted and honoured with two nominations by the First Annual Fine Art Awards televised live from the MGM Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. Nominated in the “Mixed Media” and “New Movement” categories, he earned the “MUSE” Award in “New Movement” and is now known as “The Father of the Conceptual Movement.” DeRubeis, then only 27, dedicated his award to his Grandfather who had passed away just months earlier.

In 2009, DeRubeis was signed to a famed American art publisher who immediately saw the future in Chris’ art. The artist’s work can now be found in many high-end galleries in both the USA and across the world.


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