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Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts was born and raised in Estonia. Her life from the age of 5 to 40 something, was filled with everything but art or anything remotely arty. She studied physiotherapy in Finland, lived in Sweden, and ended up in Ireland. After many years working in the beauty industry, running her own salon, she felt tired and restless. Life has a beautiful way to fix things, and after a few traumatic months that came out of nowhere, she discovered a way out. She began to paint and found that each brushstroke was like a secret language between the painter and the surface and the colours were words unspoken.

She had never experienced peace and happiness like this which is the main reason Jaanika is painting today. Today, as a full-time artist, she spends the winter months in her Dublin studio and summers living and working in Estonia, surrounded by the forest and wild animals.

She is self-taught, although the word “taught” is not quite correct. She just paints, not really knowing how and a few years ago she decided, to never find out the proper “know hows” (‘if you do something wrong, at least you are not aware of it’).

Colour is centre stage in Jaanika’s work; it is the main subject and the rest is about making it sing and dance in harmony. She has always been fascinated by colour, how it affects us, how we make decisions based on it, often unconsciously. She doesn’t want to know the answers, she loves mystery.

Today, her paintings can be found in private collections all over the world. She has been collaborating with interior designers, musicians and movie makers.

Jaanika Talts paints first and foremost for herself but knowing that her paintings inspire other people, make them feel something, is a bonus.

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