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Leigh Lambert was born and raised in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where he resided for the first twenty years of his life. Drawing as soon as he could hold a pencil, Leigh’s family soon recognised his artistic flair and his teachers admired his ‘canny knack’ for capturing a scene using his meticulously detailed technique. Having received no formal art training or qualifications, the artist is largely self-taught.

In 1996, Lambert relocated to Warwickshire and it was during this time that he developed his painting technique and subject matter. Upon leaving Newcastle, the artist began to appreciate the nature and setting of his childhood; what he once saw as a concrete jungle now seemed unexpectedly beautiful to him. Drawing inspiration from his youth, Lambert’s paintings and sketches evoke an undeniable sense of nostalgia that many viewers can relate to.

The artist is accomplished across a range of media with oil on board as his most commonly chosen medium. An optimistic splash of colour is applied to specifically-selected figures, and sometimes other features, which captures the joy and vitality of youth whilst playfully contrasting with the monochromatic landscapes.

Working from his garden studio, the artist has achieved great success and national recognition over the years since he was shortlisted as Best Up and Coming Artist in the UK’s Fine Art Trade Guild Awards. The artist’s works are highly sought-after with his limited-editions selling out within weeks, sometimes days, and waiting lists exist for those hoping to acquire an original painting or sketch.

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