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Baby Oh Sculpture by Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture

Baby Oh by Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture.

Matt Buckley, the designer and sculptor of the unique Edge Sculpture range, has designed and created this mischievous sculpt of a Baby Orangutan of which 20% of proceeds will go towards the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund for Primate Welfare and Conservation.

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund’s continual mission is to strive toward the rescue and rehabilitation of both The Great Apes and Monkeys who face the very real challenges of survival as the developing world continues to impact and ultimately endanger their species as it encroaches upon their habitats. 

With this in mind, we feel privileged that as a company, CLK Art can work alongside Edge Sculpture to help in some small way by donating a set percentage of every sale towards this literally ‘Great’ fund.

This piece will be an ascending numbered edition. Every Orangutan Baby will come marked with an individual number, signed by Matt Buckley along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

“20% of the proceeds will be donated on to the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund to help with their huge and noble efforts towards not only the rescue of precious primates but also with their endeavour towards educating the public to this very plight and the critical need for it. Shelley Fletcher has been fantastically supportive in this regard and I am privileged to be able to play some small part in it.” Matt Buckley of Edge Sculpture 

Dimensions: Height 7.3" x Length 7.1" x Depth 5.7"
Medium: Ceramic Polystone and Marble Dust with Painted Finish
Format: Freestanding Sculpture  
Price: £110.00


Edge Sculpture is a striking collection of contemporary sculpture. Emotionally evocative, fiercely modern, yet remaining utterly affordable.

Designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley at his studios in Shropshire, Edge Sculpture is a collection influenced by style rather than subject. The mix of form, light and texture gives a unique feel to each individual piece. They are an eclectic mix of themes that have a collective ‘look’.

Each sculpt has been originally sculpted from clay, which allows the sculptor to be freer, giving the pieces that dynamic and organic feel, stylised by Edge Sculpture. The finished clay sculpt ‘masters’ are then taken to be moulded and each subsequent piece will be carefully hand-cast from this moulding using marble polystone, which allows for the faithful reproduction of detail and texture applied to the original sculpt. The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand-painting and finishing, which brings the sculpt to life.

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