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Kissed By The Sun Limited Edition Print

“The butterfly is a deep symbol of life cycles. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, transformation, hope, and love. In this piece called ‘Kissed by the Sun’ it is just the butterfly wings that are presented. Being the yellow wings of the European Swallowtail Butterfly the artist feels these wings are a powerful symbol for love and passion, being a thing of beauty and yet so fragile. The body of the butterfly has disappeared into the ether – which is hinted at with the upward drips. This suggests the plight of the butterfly, finding it harder and harder to survive with loss of habitat due to man.” Louise McNaught

Kissed By The Sun by Louise McNaught is a limited edition print from an edition size of 50.

This piece is a giclée on Somerset Velvet 330 gsm paper. The unframed image size is 60 x 60 cm. Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm
Medium: Giclee on Somerset Velvet gsm Paper
Format: Limited Edition Print
Edition: 50
Price: £250.00


Louise McNaught is a contemporary wildlife artist with international representation. Since completing her Fine Art Degree BSc (Hons) at the University of Greenwich in 2012, she has worked as a full-time, professional artist and published her first book in 2018. Her artwork is exhibited nationally across the UK and internationally at art fairs in Milan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Stockholm and Brussels.

In 2018, McNaught became a published author when her ‘Survival’ book was created with worldwide publishers Big Picture Press. With a focus on endangered species, the ‘Survival’ book featured 20 endangered animals painted by McNaught alongside facts about the animal’s plight and conservation efforts. The book has been sponsored by the well-known charity Tusk.org, famously championed by Prince Harry and Prince William. The foreword is written by Tusk Founder and CEO Charlie Mayhew and a percentage of the book sales goes towards Tusk.

Louise‘s creations feature nature and animals, where the animals are God-like, sublime and ethereal in their presence and depiction. McNaught’s work is motivated by emotive and spiritual experiences which has manifested in a mixed-media approach. Her soft style suggests a delicate relationship between nature and ourselves, making a clear point about man’s destruction of nature – which flutters jewel-like in the balance. When focusing on endangered species the imagery often takes on a duality of not only what is happening to the animal itself, but also reflects how we feel psychologically about the effect the human race is having on these species.

By subverting traditional representation she hints at darker consequences, yet paradoxically giving animals an elevated status. Her animals are a medium for self-expression, as lack of context and background suspends the creatures in an internal or even numinous space, where they become a metaphor for the human condition and psyche. By drawing the viewer’s attention to the animal’s presence and energy, McNaught is hoping to share with the viewer the awe that the natural world inspires within her.

“Her work presents a pleasant balance between traditional technique and new age spunk” The Quiet Lunch Magazine

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