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Night Lights in London by Edward Waite Original Painting

Night Lights in London by Edward Waite framed original painting in acrylic on canvas.

One of the UK’s most dynamic cityscape artists, Edward Waite, captures the city bustle, bright lights and constant rush of urban life using vibrant hues and his energetic three-dimensional technique.

Framed size: 73 x 133 cm
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Format: Framed Original Painting
Edition: Original
Price: £1,250.00


Night Lights in London is an original painting by Edward Waite – one of the UK’s most celebrated cityscape artists in today’s contemporary art scene.

A fascination with travel, architecture and iconic landmarks is the source of Waite’s artistic inspiration. The bustle and energy of urban life are encapsulated in each painting by the artist through his dynamic approach, fluid lines and three-dimensional paint layers.

Born in Sheffield in 1989, Edward’s artistic inspiration stems from his two-year journey across the globe which he commenced after studying Fine Art at The University of Lincoln. From Brazil to Australia, Edward referenced the most inspiring of places he visited in his sketchbooks. Whereas sketches and notes flooded these books, images and ideas flooded Edward’s mind for future works.

One particular location of significance to Edward’s artistic career was Times Square, New York; the artist’s unique ‘drizzle’ technique was first inspired by ketchup bottles in a New York diner. In addition to New York, Paris and London comprise many iconic landmarks which are amongst Edward’s favourite hotspots.

Going from strength to strength, in 2014 the artist’s first book “A Time to Waite” was published. Since then Edward has undertaken many projects. For instance, Edward Waite painted a piece for the Royal British Legion in 2015, inspired by the Tower of London poppy installation. Moreover, Waite merged his art with fashion by collaborating with Savile Row tailor Andrew J Musson in 2016.

“It has been a swift rise to fame and success for the artist, who is not even 30, but he is potentially on his way to becoming one of the most renowned artists of his generation”

Arcadia, 4 Walls Magazine

“Each city has its own vibe and I love to Capture that.” 

Edward Waite

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