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Linda Charles Paparazzi - Original Art in Mixed Media

Paparazzi is an original mixed media artwork by Linda Charles.

The artwork is from the artist’s reimagined Pulp collection.

Embracing her love of dangerous women, sci-fi temptresses and detective pulp fiction Linda Charles has produced a range of artwork sympathetic to the 50s and 60s.

Dimensions: Image Size: 91 x 61 cm
Framed size: 106 x 76 cm
Medium: Mixed Media on Board
Format: Framed
Price: £1,395.00


Linda has spent her career developing new ideas and breaking new ground, as she strives to produce work that connects on both cerebral and visual levels producing the same positive feelings in the viewer as it does with her when she paints it. 

Most recently, it is her sell-out ‘Pulp Re-imagined’ collections that have highlighted her dexterity with a paintbrush and has afforded her high praise amongst her contemporaries. Linda combines her love of the imagery of the pulp paperback books of the 40s, 50s, and 60s with a back catalogue of famous hits, artists, and lyrics. She gives new life to relics of the past and fuses them with contemporary pop culture. The familiarity elicits an emotional response whilst triggering nostalgic memories. Music has always been an important part of Linda’s creativity and she always paints to music in her studio. She had the idea of combining elements of classic songs and artists with the look and feel of old paperback books when she came across a box of vintage books in the attic.

“The first one I came across featured a stunning woman running from a pair of headlights following her in a remote area. Immediately ‘Born to Run’ by Bruce Springsteen played in my head and the concept was born! I have so much fun with these collections because they combine the two artistic concepts of audio and visual. I’ve received so many lovely comments from all walks of life, including famous songwriters, pure music lovers, and art collectors.” 

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