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Rainbow Spirit by Emma Grzonkowski

‘Rainbow Spirit’ by Emma Grzonkowski is a Hand-Embellished Limited Edition on Glass.

Painted from the heart and full of emotion these two Exclusive Releases are Limited Edition Giclee printed on glass and hand-embellished by Emma. The edition size is 25 and they come with a personally hand signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Dimensions: Image Size: 18" x 18"
Framed size: 25.5" x 25.5" (approximately)
Medium: Giclée with Hand-Embellishment
Format: Limited Edition Embellished Print on Glass
Edition: 25
Price: £795.00


Emma’s work, viewed chronologically, allows us to read the diary of her life.  From the childhood moment she first held a pencil through an intensely happy teenage love story to the sudden and tragic loss of her soulmate, the agony of slowly coming to terms with the weight of her loss and – FINALLY – the moment where hope of a brighter future could be transferred onto canvas all unfold like a show reel, so vividly that you become part of her story and involved to the point where it’s impossible to turn away.

Without compromise, audacious brushstrokes transport Emma’s every mood from the depth of her soul onto her work accompanied by flashes of colour so hot and sharp that they almost burn in their emotional ferocity.   Painting to the background of Grime and Hip Hop sounds, Emma is able to make us move in time to her beat and collectors all around the world can see her emotions exploding from the brush in these incredible images.

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