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Rose Covered Skies by Tina Earnshaw Original Painting

Rose Covered Skies by Tina Earnshaw is an enchanting original painting in mixed media with metallic leaf.

The artist draws inspiration from nature and the Yorkshire countryside in her contemporary and magical works.

Framed size: 71 x 71 cm
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas
Format: Framed Original Painting
Price: £995.00


Tina Earnshaw is a Yorkshire-based artist working in mixed media to create enchanting paintings which reflect the beauty, wildness and magic of nature.

Tina studied the ‘History of Art’ at Nottingham University which is an ongoing influence in her work as she continues to take inspiration from many different artistic genres and styles.

Earnshaw is especially ‘inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside’ in which she lives. Reflecting the wildness, beauty and magic of nature, Tina often even hides a small fairy amongst the petals of her striking scenes.

Tina creates well-balanced compositions with the use of colour and light. Her use of mixed media includes acrylics, oil and metallic leaf. The depth of paint tone and application, in addition to her use of metallic leaf, brings each individual painting to life.

Semi-abstract botanical paintings by Tina Earnshaw are contemporary in style whilst simultaneously possessing a classic and mystical quality.

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