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David Bez

We are proud to unveil this a new evocative body of works from David Bez, a painter fast establishing himself as an exciting new voice in the world of Northern Art.

Born and raised in Manchester, David was encouraged to paint from an early age by his Mother, a fine textile designer in her own right. Pursuing his love of art throughout his youth, David emerged a graduate of Fine Art from Manchester University in his early twenties, and used the subsequent years to gain experience in the worlds of graphic design, illustration and glazed-art.

Having now spent the past two decades as a professional painter, he works full time from his home studio in Levenshulme, South Manchester, just a short bus-ride away from the bustling city centre, and is enjoying a career which sees him widely exhibited and collected throughout the North of England and beyond.

David’s works fizz with the potent energy and urban-grit of the once-industrial city centre, as well as touching on the beautiful, and often deeply-complex, world of the moorland, countryside, and rural landscape that surrounds his Manchester home. These are paintings which showcase his versatility as a painter and illustrate his enduring desire to experiment with his work, unrestrained by medium, style or subject.

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