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Donna Flowers-Dorning

Donna Flowers-Dorning is a contemporary artist, designer, maker and part-time art teacher based in Lancashire, UK.

“I have a varied, creative past, starting at college studying Art, Pottery and Photography. I then did a degree in Fashion at UCLAN which led me to become a self-employed designer / maker.”

When the World Stopped Collection

A thrilling twist on still life and an exotic sense of escapism is presented in the new painting collection titled ‘When the World Stopped’ by Donna Flowers-Dorning. An artist recognised as ‘one to watch’, CLK Art is delighted to officially launch her uplifting and vibrant works at the gallery in Cheshire.

“My recent paintings ‘When the World Stopped’ began in April 2020 during the coronavirus lockdown. I was influenced by my four walls, dog walks, trips to various supermarkets and holiday photos on my phone. As we emerged from lockdown so did my subject matter, whereby my later paintings were energised by swimming pools, coastal paths and walks to school.

Each painting would begin with a single item of food or drink. I would then conjure up patterns and plants to go with a naturally-evolving theme or story.

I am inspired by plants, flowers, shadows, food, drink, items with text, tiles, fabric and patterns. I sew and paint on various fabrics and selling vintage clothes gives me an abundance of unique fabrics and patterns through the decades. Often something like a beautiful silk shirt decorated with unimaginable designs will be the starting point for my next ‘one’!”

Created in her Lancashire studio at home and inspired by famous artists including Gustav Klimpt, Frida Kahlo and ‘the vibrancy of David Hockney’s work’, this beautiful collection includes over 30 original acrylic-on-canvas paintings. Flowers-Dorning describes her new collection as “often nostalgic, familiar and always cheerful, bright and inviting”, much like the artist herself.

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