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Neil Pengelly

Contemporary artist Neil Pengelly is Northamptonshire-based and has been sharpening his skills in drawing, painting and, more recently, digital artworks since childhood. In honing these techniques, he has now found a style of creating artworks that marries all of them.

Neil’s original artworks have evolved from detailed chalk and charcoal figurative drawings to an ever-exciting, looser blaze of colours with varying subject matters. The artist explains:
“There are limitless possibilities with digital art that I would never be able to recreate with paintbrushes and pencils.” This increased potential along with a drive to stay authentic is crucial to the artist “and so each original is resplendent with added acrylic and oil paints and bejewelled with diamond dust, micro-glitters and aerosols!”

Furthermore, Neil also makes the customised frame for each of the originals and embellishes them, making the frame an extension of the art itself.

Heavily inspired by his favourite pastimes of music, sport and films, Pengelly often adds subtle references to each artwork based on the subject matter, in essence, telling a story.

Alive with energy, vivid colour and subtle detailing, the latest collection of mixed media artworks by Neil Pengelly pop with a magnetising effect to the viewer.

“A rolling stone gathers no moss” (ancient proverb chosen for a mention by the artist).

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