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A World of Our Own, Unique Studio Edition with Textured, Hand-Painted Finish

A World of Our Own by Kimberley Harris a hand-painted, studio limited edition giclée on canvas, representing the natural beauty of the countryside.

Using gels and pigments, each edition has been lovingly embellished to create an impasto detail that is unequalled. Each canvas is individual and unique and even on close inspection, is as close to a genuine original Kimberley Harris as it is possible to get.

In addition to the natural subject matter, Kimberley Harris is deeply inspired by the work of J.M.W. Turner (1775 – 1851) and capturing the interaction of light, texture and colour in her original paintings

Dimensions: Image Size: 70 x 90 cm
Framed size: 100 x 120 cm
Medium: Hand-Painted Giclée on Canvas
Format: Framed
Edition: 45
Price: £1,295.00


Kimberley Harris is a landscape artist focused on representing the natural beauty of the countryside. Harris’ visual depictions of a meadow, from intensely vibrant to dark and earie, presents a transient moment as a lasting, atmospheric experience.

Kimberley Harris is deeply inspired by the work of J.M.W. Turner (1775 – 1851). In 1995, she visited a Turner exhibition at the Tate Gallery with her Father, who was a great lover of the impressionist movement. That day, Harris regarded Turner as a genius and knew she wanted to paint in a similar style one day.

In 2005, ten years later, Harris gained a Diploma in Art and Design. In 2014, her passion for painting was reignited when she met a renowned artist who introduced her to oils and the palette knife.

Over the past few years, the artist has developed her own signature style working in oils and depicting the countryside which she feels privileged to be surrounded by at home.  Harris emphasises colour, light and shadows and their changing qualities, each affecting one another at various times of the day. The precise process of layering and blending the palette knife work is crucial to Harris in achieving the outstanding interaction of tone, texture and light that exists in her paintings.

To date, Kimberley’s paintings have been exhibited (and sold) in galleries across the UK, with several pieces finding new homes in locations as far as the USA and Australia.

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