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Rob Bishop Art on Wood – Artist Exhibition and Appearance

Rob Bishop Artist

Our first exhibition of 2020 will be on Saturday 7th March 1-3pm when there is the opportunity to meet artist Rob Bishop here at CLK Art!

Rob Bishop is a contemporary, mixed media, British artist who creates wooden art of famous iconic figures, album covers and comic book characters.  The artist is known for his unique technique of designing, painting and engraving these iconic images into maple wood to achieve an excitingly impactive work of art.

A Hertfordshire based artist, Rob’s artistic journey started when he studied Graphic Design and Model Making at University. For a number of years, the contemporary artist worked as a cabinet maker. By utilising all of his skills, Rob Bishop has developed a recognisable style of art which fuses modern technology with classic techniques.  Specifically, Bishop uses a mixed media approach to combine digital art, wood work and painting.

Each individual piece of art by Bishop, including the bespoke wooden frame, has been created in its entirety from scratch.  Many layers of wood stain and lacquer are applied to the works to ensure uniqueness in every piece and all of his works and frames are signed and thumb printed.

Working as an independent artist, Bishop exhibits his pieces exclusively in select galleries throughout the UK, including CLK Art.

On Saturday 7th March, Rob Bishop will be making an exclusive appearance at the gallery at 1-3pm which is a rare opportunity to discuss Rob’s groundbreaking technique and any ideas you might have for a bespoke commission.

Art by Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop – Boba Fett Art on Wood
Rob Bishop – James Dean Noir Art on Wood
Rob Bishop – The Dark Knight Art on Wood
Rob Bishop – London Skyline Sex Pistols Art on Wood

Browse more art by Rob Bishop by clicking here. 

Please register your interest in this event with the gallery to receive your invitation and we look forward to seeing you all and viewing Rob’s high-impact collection on the day.

Meet the Artist Rob Bishop

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