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Edward Waite Artist Exhibition

April 2019 saw artist Edward Waite have his first solo art exhibition here at CLK Art.

Edward is fuelled by his fascination for travel and architecture. The bustle and energy of urban life are captured in each cityscape painting through his dynamic approach, fluid lines and three-dimensional paint layers.

The event showcased an array of original works featuring locations form across the globe as well as more local landmarks in Lymm, Cheshire, Manchester and Liverpool. On the day, Edward performed a live demonstration of his first original painting of Lymm, Cheshire, in his signature sauce-bottle style of painting.

View Edward Waite art and orginal paintings

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Edward Waite cityscape art on display

The exhibition included an array of paintings by Edward from each of his various painting techniques. In addition to sketches, the art pieces displayed included favourites from his three-dimensional textured and glossy-layered paintings. The contemporary artist was especially excited about sharing his ‘Merging Concepts’ collection which he describes as ‘interactive’ and ‘almost holographic’.

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